Black-Asian’s philosophy and mission is ONE RACE, working in simplistic harmony with one another. Because anything less just won’t do – at least, not anymore.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, there are roughly 9 million people who identify with two or more races nearly half of them are children and that number is projected to grow exponentially by 2060.

24% felt annoyed that someone made an assumption about their racial background.

Most multiracial individuals self-identify with a single racial group culturally and socially to fit in.

Black-Asian is a space where biracial and multiracial individuals are respected and are not forced to culturally and socially to fit into a single group.
We are an information resource platform DEDICATED to supporting biracial and multiracial individuals, parents of biracial and multiracial children and minorities.

To some, it might seem like a small thing, but its a representative of a much larger issue.

We cannot fix the problem until we acknowledge one exists.

Because Sometimes Big Things Need to Start Small

We couldn’t help but notice A LACK OF RESOURCES AND SUPPORT aimed at individuals who identify with two or more races and parents of multi-racial children.

The answer is clear…

There SHOULD BE resources and support content aimed at individuals who identify with two or more races and parents of multi-racial children, which is exactly what Black-Asian is designed to be.

Black-Asian is a mechanism for social change – one that will generate its own momentum, building upon itself and creating the types of results that will carry us far as a society for years to come with poignant articles and informative videos, podcast series, infographics and more.

Even our logo is the embodiment of cultural awareness and cross-cultural collaboration, working together in the unison of a beautiful design instead of discord and working against one another.

Black-Asian is nothing if not a grassroots movement that will work every day to bring about not only social change but the level of rethinking that our society needs regarding the ways in which we view and treat one another.

Dwennimmen: “ram’s horns,” symbolizes that even the strong have to also be humble.
Funtunfunefu: “siamese crocodiles” symbolizes democracy and unity.
Yin and Yang: symbolizes inseparable and contradictory opposites.


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